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? What is DealZaap.com
DealZaap.com helps you find the best deals on restaurants, movies, salons, gyms, spas and much more around you, just when you want. Find a deal that catches your fancy, pay for it through the app, and go to the merchant location to redeem it.

? How do I buy deals
Its simple. You can view each day's deal on the website and click the buy button. You will be taken to the payment page. Once your deal tips, you will be sent an e-voucher. You can present this to the merchant to claim your offer.

? How will I get my voucher after I buy a deal and it is tipped?
You will get it on your email as well a verified mobile number. You can present this to the merchant along with the identity proof that you entered during the deal purchase process to claim your deal.

? What is the identity proof that I am required to enter
We request you to enter an identity proof along with your purchase so as to ensure maximum security. Your voucher will be valid only with the identity proof, almost all accepted identity proof is accepted on the site.

? I’m a student. Do I get better deals
You’re in luck! We at DealZaap.com believe that students should get something extra special. Register with your student ID and get better discounts and offers and present your student id card at the merchant.

? Will my card details be safe after registering with DealZaap.com
Payments are enabled through our secure payment gateway partner. It uses the most powerful Verisign secure socket layer (SSL) for encrypting customer data during transmission. To put this in non-technical terms, it would take 340,000,000,000 years for today’s fastest computer to crack Verisign SSL. Good luck beating the system!

? Can I cancel the deal I’ve purchased
You may cancel your purchase of a voucher in some cases. If you’ve paid the full amount for your deal, any cancellation will result in full refund of the amount. If you’ve purchased an offer that required only a part payment, you are not eligible for any cancellation/refund.

? What if the merchant refuses to accept the deal published in DealZaap.com
Please get in touch with our customer service immediately. We will either help you redeem the voucher as stated in the Deal Terms or give you the complete refund.

? I missed yesterday's deal, can I still get one
SORRY. Be sure to keep a track of the deals so that you don't miss any next time!

? How do I cancel my deal
Please call Customer Care & send your cancellation request to support@DealZaap.com \ DealZaap@gmail.com with the following details: 1. Name 2. Coupon Code 3. Registered Email id 4. Registered Mobile Number 5. Valid Reason for Cancellation

In this website user can get deal which is only exclusively available on our site. No hidden terms and conditions. Incase of more clarification please reach dealzaap@gmail.com.